Out At Leash - Part 1

My Wife setted up a trip far our town to have a little of fun, in a little holiday village in the mountains.
Once W/we reached the place and fixed the room, i was made ***** and stay naked while Wife slowly walked around me.
She caressed me, making me go shivers down my back and my **** started to raise.
She smiled and kissed me, a long, rough, hard kiss, while started to ********** me.
i hugged Her, kissing and moan with pleasure until She stopped once i was on the edge.

She smiled and put me on Her Collar, the purple one with metal plate "****" and ordered me to dress with the maid costume.

i was trembling and shacking while doing as required and once i was finished She give me a mask that make me look like a rubber doll and keep my mouth open in a "O".
She looked at me, satisfied, then attached the leash to the collar and keep me out, in the street!

Under my mask i was hot and red, embrassed by having my *** exposed each step, the skirt so short that barely covering it, my Wife tugging the leash to make me almost run.

W/we reached a little fountain and ordered me to drink a sip or too. i frozed scared until She shout loud "Listen, you are my ****, and do as i order!" and whisper "or you want me to remove the mask?!" with a sultry grin.
i run to the fountain tap but the mask that keep my mouth open allowed me to drink only simulating a ******* to the fountain.
As i started to drink, my Wife moand loud so that everyone around could hear "Oh my! you are such a tease! you clear enjoy it!".

I would like to cry but precum oozed from my ****: the situation was so embrassing and exciting together that i couldn't help.

My Wife saw this and smile "As I told! you love to suck!".

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Nice story. I want to be humiliated by my wife. She makes me suck ***** that have just ****** her and let guysfuck my *** but I want them to **** on me too.

so degrading, yet erotic - good writing.