My dream is, I am landed on an island where women are in power. The men are submissive to the Women. Each man must belong to a Woman and must also show by mean of a collar, on which the Mistress Her name is mentioned. There is a duty of all men aged 18 to wear this collar.

Men who can not show their collar may be taken by the first Woman who sees them. She might decide to take him as a slave or sell him on the market to a new Owner. When I arrived on the island I didn't know about it. Soon I understood the above by a group of men and women I met along. They called themselves the pirates and lived mainly in the mountains. These people were free citizens, but the men were indeed fair game for other residents of the island. In this group, I met Karin. She told me about life on the island. One day she advised me to do it the safe way. She advised me as to the form with her to marry her and so has to get safe.

At first I didn't like it at all, but she could still convince me that I had better surrender to Her, because that would save me a lot of trouble.
Imagine that I otherwise would come into the hands of some cruel Woman. She told me that I just had to trust her. To still "responding" to become familiar with the manners and customs of this Femdom island She intends to let me become naturalized on the island. During this period I was safe, because Karin escorted me everywhere and any moment.

After a period of 3 months of intensive training with her I would marry and I would become her official possession. I had a lot of doubts, but she told me again and again that I just had to trust Her.
Each time she said: "Trust me."

On 8 March, Women's Day was our most important day. The wedding ceremony took place. I was in the House by Karin charged. I had to kneel beside her and she escorted me forward. According to tradition, we had obviously only female witnesses. First I had to prove them my submission by kissing their feet and keep my eyes closed.
Piece by piece they gave me a simple command that I had to explore for Them and They would then decide whether I was worth it to marry Karin.
What kind of assignments they gave me to remain humble and allow everything. So I sat in the House, naked blindfolded on my knees. All other guests were dressed tip top. My Karin was dressed in tight leather high boots with high heels.

Then I had to stand. Completely naked, with only a blindfold. I could only feel, smell and hear their presence. I was placed there in a sort of pillory. I could not move. Well I heard their scorn. They laughed at me and humiliated me in that way.

They told me about the rights and obligations but also about public punishments, where the victim entirely naked before the eyes of the women would be tried. This ranges from corporal punishment to humiliation, and how long the offender must suffer depends on the seriousness of his offense (in the eyes of women that is).

A punishment for men who are a little too eager or behaved in sexually bold face: the man is tied to a wooden stand for a day and continuously *********** by a large number of women who after a quarter repayment. It is well taken that he is not ready. It is an effective punishment that victims mentally and physically broken, and it left almost no traces.

After a period to be so humiliated, I felt quite uncertain. What was I doing? My situation did not left the choice option more open.

Finally freed my Mistress Karin me and I had taken place on my knees beside Karin. The witnesses finally agreed that I had sufficient impact to be the slave of Karin.

From that moment on I had become the slave of Mistress Karin, I could only call her by the name Mistress and then only if She wanted it. When I called on her promise of "trust me", then it became just a grin on their face.

At the end of the ceremony, I fell fast asleep.

When I awoke I found myself in my own house in 2012. I opened my eyes and saw a woman. When I got closer I realized She looked exactly as the woman in my dream. I was thinking my humiliation and threats (promises?). A tremor went through me. She told me: "What are you now afraid and insecure, trust me ..............".
I realized that this was the beginning of my adventure on the island.
Would She also be my mistress?
Trust is the foundation of our relationship, slave jan. You know that?.....................
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nice,i had a dream something like that,but the humlilation was hard,spit,snot,vomit,toilet,face standing,face stomping,DIRTY feet licking,ect,ect

Have you many dreams like that. If you want to we could exchange our ideas or perhaps make a continuing story.

Yes we can