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What are some ways my girlfriend can humiliate me in or around her apartment in the city?

I upset her and she says i need to do this to make her happy. She has these supplies: a butt plug, embarrasing socks, clothes, food, ******, a male thong, toothpaste, lotion, and anything else layin around

We will make it into a poll, and after finding the popular vote
kinkybunnyxo will then post pictures to assure my embarrasment
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Have her take you shopping dressed normally, but while you're wearing a nice frilly thong.

While shopping she should have you carry her purse.

Take your time, have her take you looking for fancy panties. She should have you hold them to your crotch. After a few selections, move to swimwear. Once again find at least 2 different ones that fit him.
At this point send him into the changes rooms to test how they fit.
For the swim suits make sure he steps out to show off. If the size and cut is good send him back for alternate colors, or styles

Once you've found at least one set of swimwear to wear regularly, take him to a perfume and makeup area. Try to find some fruity and flowery scents to test, test some makeup colors and foundations. Ensure you find a bright pink or red nail polish, color a couple of nails. Place the brightest and best scents in the cart

Then send him alone to the cashier with his cart. Ensure cashier is cutest female.

Once he's just about finished going through cashier, call out asking if he's finished buying his clothes

To be really devious, you can add on items to pickup:

Enema kit
hemorrhoid cream
hair removal waxing kit
fake nails

Once at home, you can have him shave. Dressed in swimsuit make sure he's made up to look as fem as possible. Then send him out holding at least a quart of water from his enema. Can be around the house once or twice. If in hotel send to ice machine, or up and down a few flights of stairs.

If first trip, doesn't have him loose control of his bowels, send him out again

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Tell her to make u wear panties and dresses and have u put a thong on and she pances u or go to the mall wearing panties and tell her to try on dresses and have hef spank u will wearing them in front of people at the store

I say she starts small and moves on to bigger things. A simple pants down in embarrassing undies shot is always great. Somewhere secluded in a park or at night so you don't get arrested ;). Then later she can move on to the big things. I hope pictures will be shared. Perhaps your GF and I could work out a trade. Swap shots of our guys.