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Shopping For Humiliation (true)

I like it when ladies at the mall notice me and smile at me or stop their friends and point me out!  I had a man and wife pushing a stroller behind me and I thought they might be following me so I cut through the women's department and back out in the tiled walk way,  I was heading right toward them when I heard the lady tell her husband, see I told you!  She didn't seem to try and hide the fact that she was talking about me!  I loved the fact that she noticed but was humiliated that he saw me!  Being told "arms up" at Victoria's Secret in front of ten or twelve ladies shopping was slightly  humiliating too!  But in the end it was an enjoyable experience!  I just figured she would measure me in the fitting room, when I asked to be fitted for a bra!  One time I was buying women's slacks and panties at a Walmart and when it was my turn in line the register girl said "so your wearing women's clothing now!"  I must say I was shocked by the way she said that!  There must have been five people get in line after me!   She continued to drill me and she ended her conversation with me with "this must be so embarrassing for you!"  Well of course I was humiliated because all the men and women behind me saw what I was buying as she held it up rather high folding it and putting it in the bag!  Now I'm mad at myself because no other register girl seemed so interested in what I was doing as she!  Even though it was rather humiliating!  Another shopping humiliation happens at the adult book store when I'm trying to be discreet about buying a ***** or vibrator!   One girl kept telling me how wonderful my selection of ****** was and how good they felt!  One time the guy at the register took a big vibrating ***** out of the package and put batteries in it and wound it up for all in the store, to hear!  That's just my past humiliation, I can't wait to get ****** by a guy in front of a bunch of women who cheer me on or ridicule me!

haileeTV haileeTV 41-45, T 1 Response Mar 3, 2010

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Degrading & humiliating but we love it don't we?