Yes I Do!

It seems that no one can hold this kind of conversation, I mean sure my love and I can talk and talk about so many things, and sometimes get so lost in conversation that time goes fast!  But those times are rather rare lately, I miss just TALKING with him, in person especially.

I crave thought provoking conversation, more then any food....and lately feel so deprived, but I can‘t have one, because to be honest, sometimes I don‘t want to talk to anyone but him.  And also, sometimes even then, I want to talk so badly, but then my words don’t come out how they should.

I do like to joke and am "not" sarcastic, (nope not me! :) and I love to make jokes and be silly about things, but mind numbing everyday small talk, with acquaintances KILLS me, I mean I can deal with it, if I know I have some real meaningful talk to look forward to, but day in day out mindless "how's the weather" really wears me out.  I miss talking.  Of course, I guess what I mostly miss is talking to ONLY YOU!!!

But yes, words are so inadequate sometimes, and they seem to only mock in the face of great tragedy, and in love, words just aren't enough.  Sometimes I guess they're all that we have though, and for now at least, it‘s all I have.  Intelligent conversations, how can I live without them?

stormynightsky stormynightsky
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2 Responses Jul 24, 2010

Yes I know, it's really annoying, I don't even like talking much to people I don't know, because of that very reason. I like to talk, but can't do small talk, especially lately. Things are fine though, really...I just need to talk to the ones who matter! Small talk is not communication, it's something else entirely!!

I can't stand idle fake chit chat with people...who you know won't remember what you said in the next five minutes, nor do you really care what they have to say. I hope the new developments in talking are at least helping a little...I am sorry though. =/