i enjoy listening to an intelligent conversation......i don't try to participate because if i do they instantly become much less intelligent

ihaveanameitsrick ihaveanameitsrick
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yeah like how the economy is crushing the trucking industry with no end in sight or possibly astrobiology and darwins theory of evolution

People are intelligent about different things.... just because you aren't informed about what they are talking about doesn't mean you aren't intelligent, there are probably things you are familar with that they don't know about!! :-)

i'll bet you are understanding more than you think you are the human brain has an incredible capacity for memorizing and understanding complex subjects

:) Well at least your understanding some of it. While I'm sitting here I am looking at a test book and only understanding 2% of it... More than I can say for myself

well i can tell you this i am sitting here reading Discover magazine while browsing around on here and i am only understanding about 75% of what i am reading in the magazine LOL

Rick don't doubt yourself I think your Smarter than you give yourself credit for.