Ann Is Such A Hit At Work

Ann is a dental hygienist and has worked for the same dentist for over 10 years. It is an upscale office so she has many prominent men as patients. With how friendly and sexy she is, she has plenty of intimate interactions were her men. As I understand, there is lots of embracing and kissing, as she greets them for their periodic cleanings. It is such a turnon for me to hear about and imagine what else may be going on that she is too shy to share with me. It seems they are always asking about her marriage, in hopes they might have a chance with her. Little do they know that I would welcome them going farther with her right now. Ann is so HOT!!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

For many years we had our teeth cleaned by our "old school" traditional dentist who I secretly thought was into pain and suffering like Steve Martin's famous characterization of a dentist.<br />
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However, about three years ago we upgraded and started going to a new dentist who has a staff of professional hygienists. While I still don't enjoy getting my teeth cleaned, its much more tolerable now that I get a beautiful (and talented) woman to put me in a headlock with her breasts inches away and sometimes even hitting me in the side of the head while she works.<br />
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Your characterization of Ann's work (above) brings back all sorts of memories and thoughts. I'm sure she is not only a hit at work, but a big reason her employer is as sucessful as he is.<br />
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Thanks for sharing. TWOF

Thank you for the thoughtful comments. Ann is definitely the main draw at her dental practice. She has been there over 10 years, and her patients so look forward to their next cleaning. Some are even on a 3 month cycle, and are willing to pay for the additional appointments. When we are out and about, we are constantly running into her patients who warmly greet her with hugs and kisses. People are so attracted to and comfortable with Ann, it's quite amazing.

I could say I need my teeth cleaned and will be right over... with the camera to document what she gets up to.