My First Time Nursing

I have had a few women message me asking what was it like for me the first time that I was nursed. And how did it happen. Below is what brought me into the world of adult nursing.   

I have always loved breasts, And I was always curious what breastmilk would taste like, but I never had the opportunity to find out.

Than one warm evening I was sitting on a bench in a park watching the sun go down over a lake. A lady with an infant sat down next to me to watch the sunset as well. She had a nursing shawl with her & started to nurse her baby. I was kind of nervous sitting next to her & just stared straight ahead @ the lake. After about 15 minutes she accidently dropped the shawl. She asked me if I'd pick it back up for her because she couldn't bend down to grab it with the baby in her arms. As I looked up to hand it to her, the baby was still attached to her nipple  & I could see her breast protruding thru her nursing bra.  I guess I was starring a little because I heard her giggle, than she stoke her finger into the corner of the baby's mouth to break his latch, and she pulled her other breast out & fed it to the baby. She took the shawl from my hand covered the baby back up & than put her other breast away. We talked a little until she was done nursing, by this time the sun had pretty well set, so we both headed towards the parking lot. She asked if  I was married &  I said no but that I was seeing someone, she said that she was married but that her husband was out with his friends that evening. As we got to our cars she said that she just lived around the corner  & with a smile asked me to come by.

I followed her home, once we were inside she laid the her sleeping baby down in his crib. She made us a couple of cups of hot chocolate  & we made small talk for a little while. Then she asked me why  I stared at her breasts earlier,  I turned red & said that I had always wondered what breastmilk tasted like & that I didn't mean to stare. She said that she tried nursing her husband, but that he didn't like her milk, & now he hasn't touched her breasts since she started lactating. She asked me if I'd like to try nursing from her. I said yes, so we went into the living room & she sat on the couch. Then she had me lay down with my head on her lap. As she open her blouse & dropped the flap on her nursing bra, I thought that I had died & gone to heaven!! As soon as I had her nipple in my mouth, began to nurse  & felt her milk begin to fill my mouth I knew that I was in Heaven!!!!!!!

    We met every morning for an hour or two for four months, before her husband's job took them out of state. Those were the best four months of my life!st

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

you are very lucky to get such milking women....