65 And Lactating

Is their hope??

I am as surprised as you might be unless you happen to be the woman who has.
Again ANR has no boundaries for those that are committed to making it happen. The opportunity for me to help this person came through another EP member desiring to have a man's feedback. I normally find myself talking to women that are 30-50 but not someone 65. After a long phone call which for me can take an hour at times, I felt very confident I wasn't wasting my time with someone who wouldn't be committed to the induction process. She has been searching for a man in her area but had wanted to start the process. After reading about ANR and talking to other women she knew she wanted to experience having milk again and to possibly have a long term relationship with a man. For her she was 23 when she last had milk and nursed so for me even I was a tad skeptical she could produce milk.

However, I knew I had to help her get there if she was that committed. The plan was for her to start using motillion/domperidone which was her choice along with a compliment of fenugreek, blessed thistle and goat reu from Mother Love. There are a myriad of galactagogues to choose from and personally I cant recommend any obviously. So do your homework. Some are more successful than others. As always having a schedule to nurse, massage, or pump must be maintained at least 4 x a day and depending on the method for about 10-20 minutes each session. Ideally you would want more but I do know this works. Her plan was to have sessions every 3 hours. In retirement you can do that. Every other day I would get a phone call to give me an update. ie., tingling sensations, soreness, nipples getting bigger. She experienced stages of discouragement as the milk wasnt coming in as fast as it normally would and after some discussion found out her every 3 hours was whenever she could find the time. We are not feeding a baby on demand, but trying to tell our bodies when we want the milk to flow. Most women have other priorities but these sessions must be kept at the same time during the induction process. Once back on schedule she found fullness in her breasts, nipples extending, blood veins showing, and drops. First one side then the other. It was not much but the excitement I heard in her phone call was gratifying. I was as excited as she was. At 65?!!! As the days have progressed her drops have increased and she is at the stage where she will be flowing soon. During the time leading up to her drops she became discouraged and distressed that her efforts were going to fail. This will occur at some point during the induction process and it is understandable but you must maintain a positive attitude and know with conviction you will have milk. Dont let anything betray your desire to succeed. Giving her that inspiration made her more aware that she would succeed. Each day I have received good news and for those that think Craigs List is a bad place to search for a partner, I can attest to the fact I continually find women there who desire an experienced man. She had placed an ad that said exactly what a femaleĀ  needed to say to find a qualified partner. Yes she has had the usual weird guys reply but after only 3 hours her count was 22 and her followup found several guys that met her standards. Oh thisĀ  is in a very rural area of the country so dont be discouraged if you think you cant find someone. I now look forward to her calls and hearing her successes.

If anyone doubts they are incapable of successfully lactating and have not had cancer or damage to their breasts, I hope this will give you the encouragement you need. I wish you well.
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Sep 7, 2012