I have always loved to laugh it is the best medicine ever. I hope to continue to laugh it makes one feel so much better about themselves and other.

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7 Responses May 22, 2008

laughter makes ones heart lighter even smiles and good friends thanks to you all Im happy hugs sharon

i love laughing hysterically so that it hurts a little and i start to cry :)

oh my I do understand I am so worn out Im going to go sit in my chair and take a break and sew and watch some tv have 2 days then company back for 2 more weeks. hugs my friends love ya all sharon

Personally I just giggle ALL THE TIME! *giggles* Omg there it goes again...

Band aids for the soul. Especialy those that bring tears to the eyes.

blackmagic you hit the nail on the head without laughter we die inside and crawl into deep holes. Laughter makes me very very happy all over and with this big body that is a lot lol lol

What is it in life that makes us laugh, and if not then laughter what is there in life?