Pilley's Piglow

My daughter is 11, but still keeps her stuffed pink pig from when she was born. It has been well preserved through the years. Piggy also has a pillow, pink of course. One night we were up watching t.v., it was late and I was tired. I walked her to her room and noticed the pigs pillow was not on her bed and said instead of where is piggy's pillow, I said where is pilley's piglow. She burst into laughter and we laughed, mostly because we were so tired, but we laughed until tears came out of our eyes. She'll still say it to this day and we chuckle.

mikrevooh mikrevooh
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1 Response Nov 14, 2008

Known in the USA as a spoonerism - google it and you'll see why. Fun story - it's wonderful to have those little stories in our lives to remember forever. My mother used to talk silly in her sleep - we would talk back and she'd answer us. It was so funny.