The Whole Purpose Of Anyone's Life

 Whatever be the thing you are working on or whatever be the action,all boils down to a single goal, laughing! Either they are done for our own smile or to make others smile.The very purpose of life is laughing and enjoyment.The means of getting it varies from person to person.

I love laughing and more than that I love people who make me laugh.Many are blessed with a rare gift of making anybody laugh anytime however bad the situation is.

I am not as good as many in making people laugh,but atleast I try!

maskedmenace maskedmenace
22-25, M
5 Responses Oct 20, 2009

Hi mom...How have you been??? has been long time rite??Ofcourse,the very purpose of life is happiness rite?....How are your kids and your grandson?

son, laughing is joy! Joy is laughter! Got it right, no matter how old one is, never too old to see the bright things in life!<br />
When I was a little girl I had a little electronic laughing box and when I shook it, it laughed. <br />
Sounds stupid but it was so funny.<br />
lol<br />
Hope you doing well!!!<br />

Who will say no?

Thanks for the sweet comment softkitti....You always made me laugh! ...I am the one who did not enjoy your humour and argued with stupidity initially!

Very nice post .. yes I agree with you life is to short to focus on the negativity of life and not try to find joy in the everyday. And in turn try to share that joy with others through laughter