As a lil girl I loved handwritten letters I received from friends...Back then I had a secret letter friend guess who was my letter friend? God  :) whom I used to write letters and let him know what made me sad or I disliked and what I need next time so that I will be happy again. 
Many years later first time when I left my mum's home to join my job in a far away city I wrote a big letter to my mum saying how much I would miss her and I was thankful for what she did all these years for me...emotional letter :) and hid it under the pillows so that she would find it at a later time when I had already left home. She was surprised and happy to read it..Now each of my visits to her place I hide her letter and a lil gift and it is fun..
Reminds me I used to gift my mum on her birthday handmade cards from childhood since I couldn't afford to buy a card. And I painted or sketched pictures in the card and wrote few lines or a poem to wish her a Happy birthday. Oneday I found she has all of my silly cards saved at a place and it surprised me.
Letters are beautiful memories....i wish I had some to re-read..sigh!
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Thank you for the beautiful story. It reminded me I had a pen pal from Morroco in grade school. I also used to write "letters: to God" writing down my prayers each day for years. You writing hidden letters to surprise and bless your mother touched me deeply though it did not surprise me that you would be so thoughtful and full of love. Your mother seems to have "The Gift" I wrote about in a recent story and it comes from you.

oh..thank you Jen! :)

What a beautiful story Papri....It totally warmed my heart and made me smile. The written word can be a wonderful thing... :)

thanks Sierra! :)

Aww :) that is so cute.