I Watched A Guy **** His Wife...

... then he invited me to take my turn. I moved to kneel between her legs and as I looked down at her wet ***** his *** started to leak out of her. The only other time I'd seen that it was a neighbour's *** leaking from my ex-wife's *****, and I slid my **** into her through his ***. But this time I went down, and slid my tongue into his warm ***, and relished licking it out of her before I ****** her.

Since then I've licked my own *** from several girlfriend's *******. I love it!

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2 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Lucky man, I say. I do prefer it when it's another man's ***, but that is less often available and to date only when I've been involved in a ********* with another couple. Hopefully soon it will be with my partner.

I take it this is the lady of the partnership speaking? Yes, it's interesting to know how it feels for the woman. I know when I've licked my own *** from a woman, they've almost always orgasmed very hard very quickly.<br />
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It's just so incredibly sexy! Many years ago I had a girlfriend who liked to ride on top of me, then when she got up my *** would leak out of her. She would catch it in her hands - of course, to do that she had to part her legs that bit further. It used to turn me on so much seeing my *** dripping from her wet ****. Eventually I asked her to let it drip over me, which she happily did, but I never had the nerve to ask her to let me lick it from her. Silly really - she was the girl who wet her panties over me, so I don't suppose she'd have been bothered by me wanting to lick my *** from her.<br />
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Seeing my *** dribbling from a lover's *****, or licking it, is extremely erotic. Seeing and/or licking someone else's *** is even hotter!