My Wife Love's Oral+++

I am a very oral person, I love to kiss my wife for hours on end. If she would let me, I would pleasure her orally every day, several times a day even, for as long as she could stand. We have a routine going now. After the children are in bed we settle down on the lounge with a glass of her favorite red wine. Once the children are asleep and Trish has relaxed, I ask if she is up for some oral pleasure. Trish simply replies, yes you can start at my toes or come here and kiss me or she simply rolls on her tummy and say's that she could do a back rub - invariably, a 'back rub' means she would like me to tongue her ******* long and deep. The truth of the matter is that all three scenarios have me tonguing her tight sweet *** eventually, but when she wants a back rub, she means that 'I really want to have you pleasure me in that special way'. I undress her slowly, kissing every bit of her beautiful body as it is exposed. I love to pull her panties down slowly, taking in her naked beauty - it is all I can do not too eat her immediately, aggressively - god I love having her in my mouth, on my tongue, against my lips. I start at her neck and rub and caress the day' stresses away, working my way across her shoulders and down her back. I love to trace my fingers against the side of hers breast - while I cannot access her nipples from here, I know that they are hard and dark, longing to be touched, and licked, and nibbled lightly, before being taken between my teeth and treated to some firmer loving - just as I love Trish doing for me. Slowly, methodically, lovingly I work my way down her beautiful body. I could fill books of how I love her body, every curve, every crease, every inch - so delicious. Even after 20 years of marriage and two beautiful children, her body arouses me so very much. I try to be serious and massage her all the way to, and including, her feet, but it is so hard - as hard as I am. All of a sudden I give into my urges and Trish's moans and body language and I take her toes into my mouth and commence my journey upwards. I lick, kiss, nibble and suck my way across the soles of her feet, the insides of her ankles, up her calves. She wiggles and giggles as I lick and bite the inside of her knee's. I can taste the precum my dripping **** has left on her skin while kneeling against her while massaging her. I am between her legs, lick and biting the insides of her thighs while massaging her fleshy, womanly buttocks. I am mesmerized, as I always am, by the heavenly sight before my eyes. Her moist *****, glistening with her arousal, is framed deliciously at the top of her thighs. Her tight pink ******* is beckoning me. I bend my head downward, tongue extended, and touch the tip to her moist inviting ***** - the taste is heavenly. As much as I would love to linger there, I pass my flat, soft tongue upwards to her ******* and commence circling her secret place lightly with my tongue - as much as I try to savor the pleasure that I am receiving by tonguing her *** gently, I know that I will soon give in and eat and lick and tongue kiss her *** as if it were her mouth. Soon I will have two or three fingers deep in her ***** while my tongue ***** her ******* as deep as I can. Trish's hands are busy with her own breast and stroking her ****. Sometimes this will go on for hours until she explodes in a massive, body racking ******. At this point I will enter her ***** from behind, sliding slowly and deeply into her, eventually exploding either deep inside her or withdrawing so that I might *** all over her ***** and ***. Of course, round two commences with me licking my *** from her just ****** ***** and ******* - I do love that lady so very much...
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This is how I love to **********, with my man tonguing me anally! It is the hardest I have ever pinched my nipples and squeezed my breasts. I have literally rubbed my **** tender.