Reminder to Live In the Moment

Today my daughter reminded me to live in the moment with one simple sentence "I'm not a teenager yet." Out of the blue in the middle of a conversation that had nothing to do with the subject she reminded me of this fact.  It was as if she crawled into my head and could hear all of the thoughts running in my mind.  "how am I going to be able to fund her college?" how do I make sure she will be making the right choices when she is out with her friends?" on and on the thoughts were racing in my head today. maybe it's the economy or the awful news reports today about a teenage girl overdosing on drugs. I'm not sure why but I slipped into a "what about tomorrow "mode.

She snapped me back into the moment when she  said" I am not a teenager yet." My mind opened back up and I was able to enjoy the moment.  It's good to plan for the future especially when you have children to take care of. Don't get to caught up in worrying about tomorrow because you'll miss all the beautiful things that happen today!!:)

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May 8, 2009