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MTV actually played some decent bands around that time- what a shock
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Im getting the keywork on my right hand with a red dragonfly in it. I also collect the amory wars comics :).

awesome :)

Admittedly. Heard of them around the middle of 05 on fuse. This suffering and faint hearts my first two songs i heard

I started listening to them in middle school in 2003, im most likely a bit older than you though. Haha

Born 92. Oct 6. I was kind of a wigger till 6th grade. Didnt know it to, just liked rap. Blink 182, aero smith, taking back sunday and the used were my ticket out. Progressed through punk. Rancid, pennywise, thehandmedowns, screeching weasels. To emo, like dashboard. Sunny day real estate. Dads. To screamo and metal. All in middle school lol

lol wigger, i got into metal and hardcore really early on- i never really listened to rap or any of that stuff. Im thankful though cuz i've had some amazing times at shows and with friends, all before the age of 18.

Same. I still like rap. I really just like making music all around.

Me too i have a broad taste in music. It's the way to be :P

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Coheed and cambria.. Beautiful voice..

I heard that with my bad ear lol