I May Not Agree But I Will Listen...

I may not agree with what I am reading but I value every person's right to share that with the Experience Project.  I read stories from persons that I have little or nothing in common with because I enjoy seeing a different point of view.  There have even been a few times where AI changed my idea of a particular topic based on researching things that the "other side" has posted.  I even have people on my circle that I know I may never agree with but because we respect each others rights to express ourselves the friendship works out well for both of us.  SO I may not agree with what you post but I will listen to your opinion with an open mind always.

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If that is true you look like a food product of some sort. I am content. That's about it.

But I am sexy beyond your greatest imagination so that makes up for it. How are you my friend?

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Thanks TM

thanks carrot