A Long Journey

This was a journey of love not a split second decision.

amy and I have been married 21 years we have 2 girls ages 16 and 20. I am a nurse and she is a Hospital Office Manager. We met in college and married just before my going off to Iraq (US Army).
When I got home we learned we didn't know each other well and fought a lot. We nearly split several times. We tried 50/50 type relationships which failed. We tried just doing our own thing and nearly split up. We even tried a Female Dominant BDSM relationship which fizzled.

Finally, my strong intelligent caring wife came to me and asked that we try something different. She wanted to be in a Male dominant HOH relationship. Knowing how head strong she could be I was very resistant to the idea but she eventually convinced me.
At first I sucked, I had no idea how firm to be or what was off limits or anything. After a lot of research and communication we worked out a basis for our relationship.

I drew up a Legal Contract which we signed, had witnessed and notarized. Since then things have been very different around here. No more arguments, no fighting or shouting.

I have spanked amy too many times to count since then and some of these have been very very serious punishments. I do not believe any punishment is ended if she is not sobbing. Her butt has been every shade of red and once in a while a little purple. She hates being spanked but She still brats up and still mouths off.

I enjoy spanking her because I love watching the instant change in her attitude. Also after she has been punished I comfort her and hold her she says this makes her feel very loved and cared about. I don't pretend this is the answer for every couple out there but it really works for us.
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that was such a mature well thought out and heartfelt response you had earlier about disciplining your child. I think society at large would benefit greatly if they had your mindset..

About your relationship with your wife it truly was moving you two were willing to find mutual fulfillment, even if it took a good bit of time to figure things out. So many couples split because they just don't have personalities that completely Yin-Yang and it's horrible...

Thank you for telling your story, it may not suit all couples to go this route but in some cases i truly agree people should try alot more things to maintain a loving marriage with their partner. Too bad DOM/SUB is quite a taboo subject that many would never consider. ):

Sounds like you all have a really good relationship now, have you ever though about letting another person watch while your paddling your wife,you know back in the old days alot of times someone else would have to witness the punishment.Would that be something you would consider.

Please read my post twice the punishment

I think it’s wonderful that the two you continued to look for and be open to different options to help your marriage. I’m happy for you that you found something that works and works well. Thank you for sharing your story. I think it could help others who are going through similar things.

I have always taught my children marriage is going 100% to the other person's goal line not 50/50. If your only willing to go to each others 50 yard line you will never make it. You have shown this so well in your story. I find your story delightful, the love between you and Amy is so obvious and clearly deep. You had me tearing up.
Thank you so much for sharing such a personal and heartwarming story.

Thank you so much, I did not expect to move anyone so that was very nice.

Yes Jenn........ 100%........shame people only give 30-40 %.!!!!