I Feel As If I Am Turning Into My Father

My father is quite the hiker.  Last Christmas, we went out to the park (It's a natural preserve in the woods with trails) and we went for a long walk in the woods.  My father is 72 years old and I could barely keep up with him!   He also goes to the Adirondack trails every summer and goes hiking with his church group in the mountains.  He is my inspiration.  I own a treadmill, but I use it very sporadically.  There's something very unsatisfying about walking in one place and getting no where.  The stale indoor air and the lack of seeing nothing new before you.  I'm not a rat and I don't enjoy exercising on a wheel.  I live downtown in the city and I just graduated from college.  I now have more time to get out and take walks.  Every time I am dating someone I beg them to take walks with me.  It's one of my favorite parts of being in a relationship.  I try to get friends to walk with me, but it is hard to find someone, for some reason, with the enthusiasm for walking that I have.  I dream of someday having a partner who will love to go on long walks and take trips where walking is a big part of the agenda.  The other day, I needed to go downtown to my college and fix something on my resume.  I live about 20 minutes away walking distance and I don't have a parking sticker, so I decided to walk.  I could have taken the bus, but you have to wait for the bus and I like to walk.  I was sicker than a dog!  I threw caution to the wind and walked anyways!  As I walked I felt alive.  I felt the chilly air against my face, my muscles warming up, and the fresh winter air filling my lungs.  Something about being indoors sick for four days really makes you value fresh air!  I was thinking to myself that this was the part of me that was missing.  I was meant to be outside every day and to be walking.  It was one of those moments where you figure something out about yourself.  I then thought to myself "You are exactly like your father."  I'm a female, but  I feel as if I really do have a lot of the characteristics that my father has.  My mother has never had the drive for regular exercise like my dad has and my dad would not be able to handle it if he had to be indoors a lot.  My dad, when he was working, used to go to work every day and then come home, and immediately go outside to start working on a project, an engine, something.  He would come in for dinner and then go right back outside and work some more.  I really think this was less about having work to do and more about wanting to be outdoors.  I could be wrong, but I believe this to be true.  He would come in later and get cleaned up, watch one hour of TV and then go to bed.  I am going to make it my commitment to start getting out every single day and going for an hour long walk.  I need to do it for my physical and mental health.  I don't need someone to go with me for the walk to be enjoyable.  I realize that I have been neglecting this need that I have to get outdoors and walk every day for too long.  I always feel as if there is something else I am supposed to be doing, but now I realize that what I need to do is walk.

TenaLover TenaLover
36-40, F
Feb 13, 2010