..and I Love Taking My Dog With Me!

Whenever I feel tense or need to let out fustration, I take a walk.   It's the perfect natural stress reliever for me, as well as keeping me physically fit.  If I walk just to enjoy the sights, I enjoy having company.  My dog is only too willing to come along.  The energy level of my dog is on the high side and this puts me on a daily walk schedule with her everyday.  Early in the morning is awesome.  The air is crisp and cool across my hair and cheeks.  I find afternoons are hot, and although the evenings are cooler, most of the dogs at home are up and energetically bark ready.

Sometimes I change up the walk route and go through the neighborhood to get to an elementary school park or the middle school if you go farther down the hill.  An even longer route would be to walk towards where the beach is.  Essentials to bring on these treks are: a radio headset, water, and plastic bags to pickup doggy poop.

A good tune on the radio keeps me bouncing along, it's a lot of fun and I get into the song's beat.  One thing I love to do is check out the houses I walk past.   Nearer to the beach, the mansion homes with the big courtyards and fancy front gates/doors are spectacular.  I imagine myself living in some of these houses, and having some wildly glamorous life.

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Sounds like you two live in a beautiful part of the country. Good for you. Thanks for this story.

wow, I think just like you. I love these walks and observing those houses, the people around. It's the best stress reliever for sure. :)