Honestly Who Doesn't?

Its just so much fun!  I once went to someone's apartment and they made me up because they are like a professional at this and then he put me in pretty panties and bra's with satin stockings.  It was alot of fun, i haven't posted the pictures on here because i'm worried that i could be kinda found out if i put them on here but i was very impressed with how they looked i've always wanted to go back but i have never just cuz i'm too afraid of running off to get all pretty.  But it really was fun, if you wanna see pictures of my favorite Lingerie i have it in pictures, i don't have all of it in pictures but i have a couple of different outfits there.  Anyway i love Lingerie and Makeup WOOOO!

fornowish fornowish
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2 Responses Feb 18, 2009

maybe sometime jennifer

ive seen the pics and she was a very very pretty sissy girl in them :)