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I really enjoyed my last visit to the Lancome counter at Bloomingdales. I shop there all the time for perfume (Tresor) for "my wife". The saleswoman knows me by name and never said a word as I progressed to buying things like Dual Finish powder and blush, again for "my wife". This time there was a gift with purchase which is always welcome. She simply asked me if I wanted to try on the foundation because she felt that it was a bit light for my complexion. I was scared, excited, humiliated and quickly said "yes"!! I proceded to try on powder foundation, blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick, all of which I purchased. She was so kind and helpful and I wore it all home (in spite of some VERY unusual looks on my way out of the store! I just felt so pretty and girly!!!

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I have fantasized about doing that very thing. Getting to know the saleswoman was a nice move on your part. It obviously made it a little easier for you to let her apply all that lovely makeup. Were there many people watching you getting made up?

I always took YOU for a "MAKE UP" kind of person...<br />
____the ANCIENT EGYPTIANS had FUN with it didn't they?

Veronica- you seem to be a terrific girl- you are a real Sweetie!

Hi Sissie,<br />
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I just saw that I left you this comment way back in March. I know exactly how you feel, after the makeup artist gets your look just right you never want to take it off. I drive around shopping all day once after and especially talented artist at a MAC counter gave me the cutest, sexiest lips in a shade of pink that I just had to buy. Last week I spent a lot at the MAC boutique after a artist their showed me a great new look for my eyes and lips.<br />
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Being girly is soooo much fun, I refuse to let a mistake that happened long ago to prevent me from living as the woman I know I am.<br />
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Sissie,<br />
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Congratulations! I have done this for years, I find it exhilarating sharing the feminine me with another woman. Usually the makeup counter woman are more than accommodating. I too started at Lancome but now I try many brands including Chanel $$$, MAC FUN, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, Benefit, Clarins Great Skin care products from France, Shisedo, YSL and Dior for the Dior show mascara.