"I Love You"

 He looks me in the eyes and runs his fingers through my hair. 

"are you ready baby?"

it is my first time.

i must admit, i am extremely scared and nervous. 

"dont be scared."

it is almost like he can read my mind.

he touches my face with his fingertips, and softly kisses me. 

again, and again, and again....

he removes his shirt, exposing hard tan incredible muscles.

he removes my shirt and bra, exposing my breasts and now erect nipples.

his kisses trail down my body.....then his wet warm tongue slowly slides back up, breathing down my neck, making me shudder....

his hands slide down my sides, coming together at the button of my pants...unbuuttoning them...sliding them down with my underwear...

i am naked.

he looks at my body, his breathing quickens, and hetouches my breast with one hand, and slides the other between my legs.

"ohhhh"....a small sigh escapes my lips...but is muted when his mouth goes over mine, breathing a little breath into my mouth, making me shudder....his tongue softly runs over mine

pulling away, he quickly takes off his pants and boxers, revealing his large, erect, masculine ****...

my eyes widen, ive never seen one of these before... i am a little worried.

how is this huge thing going to fit inside me...im so tiny?

he takes me in his arms, pulling me close. i feel his hot breath murmur in my ear

"i want you"

he feels me shaking with fear and anticipation. he takes my hands in his.

"i love you"

i am being cradled in his muscular arms, and gently laid on the bed.

he is hovering over me....his eyes sparkling with love and lust.

i am dripping wet...

his masculine chest presses against mine, he kisses me passionately, until...

he takes himself in his hands, guiding it into me. but before it gets in...

i push backwards onto the bed, as if trying to escape. my eyes are wide with fear, i am shaking.

his face softens.

"relax, baby. youre with me. i'll take good care of you."

i draw a deep breath.


i sueeze my eyes shut and hold my breath.

"dont be afraid, i wont hurt you baby i promise. relax. trust me. i love you."

his free hand gently lifts my chin and his lips touch mine. .i am relaxed.

sliding all the way in. i feel myslf stretching. it hurts.

he wraps his arms around me and holds me close.

he slides almost out, then gently, slowly, with much caution and care, slides back in.

i feel myself tearing inside. i feel the hot flow of blood.

my face turns red, i begin to cry. 

he wipes my tears with kindness in his touch. he gently strokes my face and looks into my eyes.

"dont be afraid, sweetheart. everythings gonna be okay. do you need me to stop?"

i bravely shake my head no.

he smiles warmly and continues...in, out, ini, out, slow as a snail, while kissing me slowly, wetly, sweetly....his lips slide against mine and his tongue caresses mine.

almost an hour passes. sloooowwwww love. his muscular hard body pushing against my small soft body...his slow, gentle, thrusts....

his breathing quickens along with mine. moans and sighs escape our throats. 

his thrust is deeper, and i feel his warm, wet liquid rush into me...he presses on and on...

i feel the urge....i crane my neck and push upwards....my hot cream goes....

lying there in ecstacy....he is holding me, but not a word is said.

our bodies are drenched in each others sweat. out hearts are connected.

i feel a surge of emotion all the sudden....cant quite put my finger on it...i dont know whether to laugh, scream, or what...

tears start streaming down my face. i am so happy. i am so in love.

he squeezes me to his chest and kisses my forehead.

"its okay baby, you can cry, i will hold you."

there i lay, crying tears of love and joy, in my lovers tight embrace...

i soon drift off to sleep in his arms.

amidst my slumber, i hear my lovers gentle whisper in my ear....

"i love you"


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7 Responses Feb 14, 2009

so nice i like it so much , lucky u

mh...., he loves you much.... it sound, i like it

he really loves u...

it sounds as though he really adores you

Oh my gosh. :*( I totally am crying right now. Just like me honey and its very deep. Thank you!

this is really good, I'm glad you had a good first experience and were able to share it, in a way it sort of lets me know what i'm in for.

this is a sweet one dear..lovs it.