Yes , I enjoy making love . I love having sex. But making love us so special to me.
I go upstairs in the evening . I've already hinted to my, dare I say " partner " not partner as in business . Okay okay . I'm not very PC, I'm tired of the BS . Being censored for expressing my feelings without using the "F " word, or the " C" word. Neither of which I need to use to get my story across. But I can't use the word starting with " C" , and ending in "x"
I'm an adult, so there are some minors who read and post. But I'm thinking they know more about life than I did when I was young.
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1 Response Aug 24, 2014

I wish you would put this point in the I Want to Improve the Experience Project. They are censoring adult language among adults. This makes it difficult to share perfectly reasonable experiences

I think an awful lot of people have already taken the f---- off option.

I'm not in Ireland