Chatting ~ Do You Have A Moment?

I've shared here that I'm a person with disabilities. I use a power chair most of the time, still trying to walk a little each day, hanging on to that tiny bit of independence, that bit of myself from before... before the daily challenges and adaptations that are my life today.

I was never an especially social person, as my family has been my priority. I take 'responsibility' very serious, so I have never been one to go out to clubs, to parties, etc. I do enjoy engaging conversation with friends. I've always been content with sitting around the living room talking, laughing, sharing stories, etc.

Becoming disabled, the most difficult thing to adapt to was that friends seem to scatter. At first they are understanding and try to be empathetic, but as they discover that you can't necessarily do all the things you once did, you can't interact the way they have come to expect you to, when your disability limits where you can go and what you can do, they slowly stop calling, stop inviting you, stop visiting.

I have spent years looking at the four walls inside my home, talking to my dog, spending time alone while my son went off to school/work experience and my husband went to work.

About 8 years ago, we got our first computer and I was introduced to instant messaging. It opened up the world to me, it expanded my four walls and brought new friends into my life.

One of my best friends in the world is a woman I chatted with on Yahoo Messenger. My family drove to her home in Ohio to meet her and her son. She's like a 'sister' to me and in fact, calls me her older Sissy. *smile*

I've made some friends who are also disabled and been able to help them find services, as they have helped me by giving me someone to chat, share and laugh with.

Recently, my friends with disabilities and myself as well, have experienced a number of setbacks and more chronic pain than we previously had. They aren't able to sit at the computer very long, so there aren't many opportunities to 'chat'.

When I found EP, I had done a google search for 'Emotional Support Chat'. I didn't imagine that there would be so many interesting things to do, I just wanted to find someone to chat with.

Being on-line is my social outlet, the way I 'interact' with others. I'm looking for people interested in 'chatting'. I like the real time aspect of instant messaging. If you'd like to chat, please don't be shy about contacting me, I look forward to making some new friends and getting to know one another.
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Souli,<br />
I only recently joined EP and I've been 'chatting' through the Instant Messenger at the lower right corner of the screen with a number of people and it didn't require buying tokens. I've bought nothing, paid nothing while on EP. Perhaps things have changed????<br />
<br />
I'm finding more and more people who are interested in chatting, which is wonderful!! I spend more time here than anywhere else online because there are people willing to take a few minutes to communicate. It's been great. <br />
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I'm glad you've found me... your comments have been encouraging.

Thanks Belinda, I appreciate your kind words. I'm always open to new friends and someone who wants to have a chat. Don't be shy. Who couldn't use more friends?

This surely is a great place to make friends and be yourself. You express yourself well, and am glad you've found others to talk to here.