Words Of Wisdom

I had been known for things I never understood of myself. Never concidered myself useful to anyone or anything. Especially now that I can't work, bring money in. It saddens me. Looking back to all the good I have done for people, all the times I have lent a hand, because I could, because I understood life isn't fair. Because its not always as it seems.

There isn't many thing's that I can do for people, but for my young age I have gone through things, and continue to go through things, that I feel give me the right to have much to say about subjects that cause people distress. Not nessisarily advice, most times people aren't looking for that, I know for a fact, because I was always and still am looking for someone to listen, and say I've been there. Share a story, there feelings, that are the same as yours that no one else can understand but those who have been through the event.

While hard find someone who truely cares, its just enough sometimes to have a word of wisdom from someone who's been there, done that.
Gene86 Gene86
26-30, F
Aug 2, 2012