Life Is So Amazing, Yet Most People Make It An Unstimulating Experience.

Very few times in my life have I had that amazing conversation with someone that spanned hours and i still felt like hours more could have passed without an inclination of bored arising in my mind.....boy do i need that right now. My life has become so robotic and ordinary that I feel like I'm just another conformist amongst the masses. I hope i don't come across as conceited, I just really don't come across people who feel the same way that i do and share my passion for life! I want to express my enthusiasm with someone who appreciates meaningful conversation.

saffiyah saffiyah
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 2, 2012

A true story in my life. 6 years ago, I met a Turkish girl in Italy. Her quiet, contemplative gaze caught my attention. I spoke to her and it turned into a conversation that stretched over the whole three days we were there. I felt like I had met someone who truly understands me, a mirror image of myself. That I was able to be say what’s on my mind without worrying about whether it would make sense or would it be understood. It was pure excitement, exhilaration and joy.

We spoke of philosophy, literature, politics, travel, music, history… I remember the times with her like yesterday. I was not physically attracted to her. Yet, it was pure delight and I experienced happiness beyond all measures. From then, I never doubt that two people brought up in vastly different culture, language, religion and education could be friends for life simply through the sharing of meaningful conversations.