I've had a friend for about a year now. She has always been there for me. She wants to know everything and what I care about. What I may be feeling and thinking. There is always that moment when I look down and say her name, "Katie"...   "tell me"    ....like she is not afraid of what will come out of my mouth. I find that amazing.

She has always been a true friend to me. She will tell me the things that I'm scared to hear and face. She will say the things that most of my family and friends wont say, all they ever seem to say is "it's up to you." or "it's your life, live it the way you want to" when I'm looking for insight. She'll grab me by the shoulders and shake me hard and slap me in the face when I need it most.

I've always taken everything she says into consideration. She is a little bit older than me. She has not been in all the places that I'm in at this time in my life but she still is very wise about things that I'm facing. She is strong where I am weak and I'm very blessed that she is so willing to give me insight and that she even cares.

It's amazing that I even have such a friend and that I will never meet in real life. I will always look forward to seeing her name in the chat box and to have the conversations that we carry out that mean the world to me.

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3 Responses Sep 13, 2012

Good for you, I am quite sure you deserve to have such a friend. Those kind of friends are very rare. It took me till 35 to find one like that.

SO awesome..Katie is a wonderful woman and I too have had the pleasure of her great insight just when it is needed.....This is a great tribute and I am glad that you have found a such a good friend in her!

You are lucky to have such a good friend.

I too am lucky. :-)