Beguile Me

    I grow weary of the tiresome conversations with words no longer than a syllable, and every sentence a  being  a fragment. The phrases "k" "lol" "sup?" do not do anything for me. Let me into your mind, and soul when you speak to me. Let me look into your dreams, memories, fears and aspirations. Tell me your woes, and I promise to assist any way I can.

  I'd rather be beguiled by a well spoken person than spoken to honestly in verbal short hand.

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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

Harsh winter winds whistle in its lonely and desolate landscape
Stark, bleak canyons walls entomb me in this sorrowful darkness

Will your warm glow ever return?
I despair

In my empty bed the optimist dreams
Your head nestled upon my shoulder
Your body molded to me
Your leg across mine
Your hand softly resting over my heart
Your breasts gently rising and falling
Cradling my ribs in their tender embrace
I smell your warm skin mixed with a hint of flowers in your hair
A promise Spring will come

Please my goddess, do not tarry
This lone traveler weary
Seeks your heart's warm hearth