Why are some guys so ******* horny? It annoys me so much!
Learn to control your hormones you dirty animals! And GO TO A HOOKER IF YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT SEX!
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I agree, if the urges aren't controlled we are no different than animals

I agreed with you 100%

And THIS is why I'm bi-leaning towards full on lesbian lol :) I mean I'm all for having sex and often but I would also like to be able to have a decent conversation with a man without him popping a ***** lol

If men's biology wouldn't have been so sex oriented we as a species probably wouldn't have survived. And that's quite a stereotype cause there are plenty of guys who don't beed to be like that, try setting the record straight right when you start talking to them (or at most appropriate time) so they get the point and they'll stop (usually)

Its biology girl...if humans specially mans if somehow don't possessed this urge for mating in the past then our species or any other species should hardly have survived & evolved till now...yeah its true that it might be annoying to most of the women's & girls that man posses the urge to **** women almost all the time but also don't forget that women also wants this at some point too from her special ones not from everyone but the point is that they too want it..women also wants to be desired by mans..that's why most women's liked being called sexy & all..yeah but now humans are Civilized/Literate/Educated, so mans should learn to behave specially while dealing with women's (I agree with you on this part) & should not see women's as an object who satisfy their small piece of flesh between their legs....
P.S.-Before you judge you should know I'm a man too!!!

As a man, I used to get mad when women would complain saying they have it worse off than men because of their ovaries. Truth is, we men are enslaved by our testosterone. Why is it that as soon as we are relieved we want to go pursue other things of a non-sexual nature? It's because we literally have no choice. I want so bad to enjoy cooking, nature, and the things of the world, but my testosterone forces my mind to think of nothing but sex, 24 7. I am a slave to my ****. It is only after being relieved that I can enjoy other things in life, and it isn't long until my mind goes back to where it was before.