So why are people I talk to like all about sex? I can't find anyone who likes to talk about deep things, more beautiful and meaningful than sex and it just ****** me off.
I prefer talking about how people smile and what on earth could that mean, or maybe how the wind shakes the barley, or how New York's made me feel and how words are so meaningful. And still, I haven't found anyone who likes this kind of stuff, because everything is like meant to become pervert (?) I don't like it. Where are imaginative people today?
actuelly actuelly
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try me if u like and then make ur mind up. nothing to lose and a lot to gain

There`s a lot of perverts here... But not only perverts luckily... I have found few nice people here, hope you will find them too;-)

Those people won't really get far in life, you my dear. I have to say your type of mindset is, well outstanding! You're going places when you're older :)

ow thanks man, appreciate that! :)

unfortunately some people have lost the humanity gene.

that's so totally right! there are plenty of things to talk about and they're all on that, gross

They are there always but most of the time, you (talking about all) don't see them

that's true too.. maybe because they're too shy to talk about that, or they think i'm one of those who would think they're crazy, yea..

lol... yeap.. maybe both.. at that case what would you do if you want to find them? or just ignore for yourself :P

what would i do? idk, i would start talking about those things meself and see what they say!

"start talking about those things myself"---!!! what things? !!!

meaningful stuff! isn't that wjat you meant??? omg i'm gettinf confused!


hmmm... I figured immediate after I posted the cmnt sorry .. sometime it seems the ram is getting slow

hahaha no probs, it happens :)

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If you can really think that way...then you are a person with self respect & you are beautiful inside....glad to listen this kind of thought..

aw thank you :) you know, I grew up being imaginative in my invented world or so, as I think everyone did, and I think that creation is a form of beauty, so we must talk about it, and we should talk about the world, and every single detail of it.. while sex and all of that, we have that whenever we want, and there's no necessity in talking about it 24h per day just to get excited or so.
That's what I think, that's me.

Hmmm...well you are an idealist/philosopher kind of person i we all know we live in a materialistic world so for people like you & me we use to face difficulties in adjusting ourselves with our current world & as a result we created our own world inside our own mind..sometimes i use to feel like i don't belong here or i'm a wrong person born'ed in the wrong generation...but i still i always manage myself a reason to be happy as long as i live in this world..

omg that's what happens to me too! even tho I feel I belong here because the world is full of things and everyone can be part of it, I share the same feeling man

And i will always respect & support know i'm new here but feels like i've always belonged here & kinda feel connected after meeting wonderful peoples like you..everyone here is great,kind & respectful towards everyone...i found it much more interesting & fruitful then Facebook...Cheers to idealism..ha..ha..\m/

ow good to heart that, made my day :)

Block the sex creepers and move on! :)

I did and always will! :)

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Its nature my friend... sadly it happens everywhere and to everyone...

Yeah I know, but every freaking conversation goes in that way and it's just frustrating

Yeah... cos., thats what those people are looking for... they are scared to ask someone in person.. so when you sit behind you comp.. its easy.. **Cowardly**

so true *high fives*

I like your way of thinking Hun :) x

ow thanks c: glad to know there are still people who kind of think like me

Yes it's refreshing to me too!!x