I once heard from someone that everything someone does says something about them. Also, behaviors are the outward expression of motives. I think that's incredibly interesting.

Any thoughts?
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I think you are curious gal! I see that by your posting the above scenario!

I know this is pretty dumb, but isn't that the batman quote "Its now who we are inside, but our actions that define us." If you think about it, you won't be remembered for why you did something, because only you know your motives, but by what you did and how it affected the world.

That's not really my point, I don't mean it on a large scale, I mean the little habits a person has and how sometimes miss certain or just chalk it up to just being trivial. What food you eat, the things you spend most if your money on, priorities etc

Why wouldn't this be true? actions speak louder than words etc. You can tell a lot by people by the way they act, but also you can see who hides their emotions (shy people, reserved people)
And what do you mean by behaviours are the outward expression of motives (i do not fully understand)

I'm not asking if it's true, I'm curious about how deeply you can look into someone's decisions and actions and how that extrapolates. For example someone might seem like a generous person but when you actually analyse their actually they she selfish motives. Is the person really a nice person?

True, but if you question their motives like that. No one can know for sure and it will only ruin the observers outlook on the actions of the people.
You can't be overly critical of peoples actions, a good action is a good action. If there is a selfish motive behind it, they wouldn't be generous for long.

And also, if something benefits other people and benefits oneself, wouldn't it be better than than something that only benefits others?

As long as what they are seeking is appropriate i say

Well I think it does make me a bit critical but it's just a human behaviour thing. It's not really about the end-product more than it is about the behaviour behind it.

Again, not the point. Surely if that's the route you take versus the other more transparent route whether the outcome is the same or not it puts you in a certain category as a person. I just find that interesting

In short; who are you/they really?

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