Those Are the Best Kind

You are sitting across from him in a crowded restaurant, so many people, so much noise. Yet, to both of you, you are the only people in the room. Talking quietly to each other, looking into each other's eyes. You are sharing your inner most thoughts, secrets, desires, with each other.

He says something funny that makes you laugh...a quiet laugh. He touches your hand and tells you how easy you are to talk much he enjoys the conversations you have with each much he appreciates the way you listen to every word he says...

You reach over and touch his face. You tell him he is the most interesting person in the world and you enjoy listening to him...enjoy talking with him...enjoy sharing with him...

He looks deep in your eyes and smiles, appreciating you for being you...

purpleriz purpleriz
51-55, F
4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Then I wake up. :)

Yes! Yes! Yes! i agree. i wish meaningful conversations were in my life ... so how things would be better and easier.

I agree purpleriz...those are the best kind, the kind that helps you get to know each other.

I also appreciate meaningful conversations but they doesn't have to be related to romantic love.... well, for me it is so difficult to find people able to have meaningful conversations with that I have to look for them in the Internet... and even choose a job which allows me to do so, though I earn so little than I'm experiencing really serious economical problems.... but I was so "thirsty" of such conversations I decided to go on.... I just needed them!