A Meaningful Conversation

is the essance of a beautiful relationship. Without the meaning .... there is no full.

Conversations is what is left when the rest of the bodylacks the capacity for sex.

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Wow Siranon...you have captivated me with your words. Your wife is a very lucky woman to have you. The conversations are what will hold you through to the next step in life. I too have come to EP to reign in the animal within me. Yes it has been hard to do, but through EP I have found that with this outlet I have been able to gave some control, though (again like you) I do not have it figured out or under total control.

I love meaningful conversation. My wife and I try to date at least once a week, and a date usually means we talk for hours on end over a cup of coffee. We also get into very deep conversations on a regular basis in the evenings, though these unplanned conversations don't happen as frequently now that we have kids.<br />
For us, talk has always come easy, since we are both on a mission to learn and grow as we go through life. When we get together, it is like two enthusiasts swapping stories and notes about their recent discoveries and adventures, and then deeply exploring the implications. I can see now I take this for granted, but I know it would tear me apart if I lost this aspect of our relationship. I also try to take advantage of that time to caress her with words - the light touch of soft sentiments, the gentle brush of loving observations. The combination of these and deep, soul searching conversation creates a powerful connection that we call "soul sex". ;)<br />
Sight... yet, men are certainly interesting beasts, for even though there is a part of me fully satisfied, there is another part of me, the animal, as I call it, that seems to have a mind of its own - and no matter how satisfied the rest of me is, that animal seems to always want to escape and wander. My whole reason for coming to EP was to find support to keep that animal reigned in. So, as wonderful as our conversations are, I am by no means claiming to have figured it all out. So far, I've been successful on my own, but it's getting harder these days, it seems...

I too have that type of friendship reflections and I miss the conversations more than anything when we can't get together to talk. He stimulates me with his voice and words more than with physical touch.

This rings true from a relationship I have with someone that is now much older. We have no physical contact and speak via the telephone regularly. Our conversation is almost as enjoyable as the sex use to be ... we had conversation in our earlier days together too. I believe because I have a love for this person that the conversation is even deeper.<br><br><br />
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Thanks for the post.

so true mewold!

To me, a meaningful conversation is any conversation that both are into, and are interested in and are having fun with each other just talking. It is the link that counts.

Yes, Fleurina, I do so hate the grunts.

Don't you hate the grunts?

But, Checquers, though sometimes that is true...after so many years of no meaningful conversations or grunts for answers instead of words a true conversation is craved.

I know the feeling Fleurina. They are few and far between with us as well.

I like meaningful conversations too.

Hey that is great!<br />
Meaningful conversations are a rare event in my life and I cherish them.