Project "save The World"

Wouldn't it be just wonderful if general people like the ones who enjoy "meaningful conversations" and I am sure there are millions of us across the world who share the same values, could actually change the world.

look what the celebreties achieve when there is a catastrophy; just by singing a song of unity, the only problem here is we should be just as proactive with prevention, and the world is over populated and in dire need of rural development and general life skills.

Maybe its time to stop blaming governments for everything and get off our behinds and start a movement that can make a differnence a world group of people that can make a noise, does this sound a bit far fetched, if so then too bad, I am not going to just sit back and do nothing.....Ideas please, I have a few???

Sadhana2 Sadhana2
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

conversation including our intellectal view n opinions have lost value.. we need reclaim our words n indulge.. lol