What Does Being A Cuckold Really Mean ? ? ?

The reason I ask is because I know alot about sex and the different life styles one can have in it. For some reason tho i have hear many different defintions about a cuckold to the point I am lost now. I dont think i have ever been in a cuckold relationship and if i have don't know i have. So the thigns I have hear is

1. It's a man who kets his girlfriend or wife have sex with other men or woman and he only watchs.
2. It is a man who has sex with his wife and another couple but he does get involve with the sex
3. I hear it just a word used to describe old men who wivies are much younger.

Is any of this true or is it all wrong and if it is can you please explain to me what it really means?
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All this is true and I know because I've tried everything. In addition, I have a special fondness for wearing diapers and pee in them, all associated with eroticism. My question is, did you ever have? I also become your friend, if possible..

Me and my hubby would like to be your cuckold couple.

I am a cuckold and my wife is actually older than me. She can **** any man she desires and it is fine with me. I was the proud owner of a 8x6 uncut hard **** for many years and she enjoyed it! Due to medication I had to start taking about 5 years ago my **** is basically limp now, she is still a highly sexual and desirable woman and I did not think it was fair for her to give up **** just because mine no longer gets hard.

Hello stargazer491,
I am sorry about you, but think you are wonderful to feel what you do for your wife or rather, what you allow her to do.
I wish you were close, but probably not. I'm in UK nr. Lydney.

In recent times the meaning of "cuckold" has been distorted. The true meaning of the word is a man who has an adulterous wife. The original connotation was that the husband was not the biological father of the children of the marriage. <br />
<br />
Now, the meaning has been distorted to mean a man that encourages his wife's activities. A cuckold may know of his wife's activity but he need not know. The husband of an adultress is a cuckold.

That is crazy to me. I think these husbands are really under cover homosexuals but they got married as a disguise. They like to see other men **** their wives because they, themselves don't want to **** their wife but they do enjoy watching other naked men do almost anything, including **** their wife. I mean, why the hell would you even get married if you didn't want to **** your wife and have her **** you exclusively?

I can see why you're confused just by the comments on here. Let me help. Shyle38, itsfuntoshare, tecumce have pretty much summed it all up.

there are many different types of cuckolds, some do not know their wife is getting it on with someone else, then their are those husbands who are toally submissive to their wife wants and needs eg eating her ******** then giving head to her lover so he is ready to **** wife again. then there is the husband who wants to watch his wife **** other men while he watchs and sometimes joins in, these are just some examples of a cuckold there are others. i myself could be considered a cuckold, i believe that my wife if so inclined can share herself sexually anytime with male or female. when people have sexually open relationships they become great lovers. it makes for great sex, it becomes fun and creates more open and honest commmunications.

a cuckhold is simply a guy who does not know his wife or girlfirend is screwing other guys

i hear that he DOES know about the wife haveing sex

A cuckold is a man whose wife is unfaithful. The word connotes a man whose wife has children from men other than her husband. The definition has been corrupted in recent times to mean a man that is aware. Check any dictionary. If the husband is aware, he is a wittol.

A cuckold is a husband whose wife is adulterous. Some men are aroused by this for some reason, and encourage their wives to **** other men.<br />
<br />
There's a less common gender reversal they call cuckqueens. They get off on their husbands ******* other women.

thank you i did not know about the cuckqueens