Thats How All Starts

I pushed on the bill with my finger, nice bird voice came from inside, it was the bill ringing. In my mind I thought: its so dam classy. The Door opens with welcoming features. A young skinny guy in around mid twenties was the one who open the door. “Hi “he said. I got confused “dam! Who the hell is he“. Ahmmm is lily here? I asked with no thinking. I know she is married. I know that she love her husband even she did made fun of him many times before. But dam she didn’t told me some one will be in the house today. Back to reality on his voice saying “please come in she is here. Again without saying any thing I got in. all I think about “please *** in” I heard it so many times from very sweet lusty voices. And never thought it will be from alpha voice. Lol. I said to my self I am entering a very wrong direction based on my typicality and nature. He was topless showing a skinny very white body, white bold head with little hair on sides, and hairless chest and tummy. But he was soo white. With very large size boxer. “Please have seat” he said. Replay: thank you. And now almost I wake up from the surprise. “I am insurance salesman, and I have appointment with Mrs. Lily”. It was my stupid plan to rescue me, her and him from the odd situation we going to face later. Sure, What’s your name?”Asked with big devilish smile on his face. Dam she don’t even know my real name all she know that I am power – the nick name she gave me – what I will say now. Ouch! I don’t even carry business card. I’m not even insurance salesman. All those ideas was running on my head while he was walking away took a turn and went upstairs. Wow, I am in deep ****!!! Ok, think twice man. I will run to the door, ride my car which park on front and disappear. I was about to make the move when I hear screaming from upstairs. Dam you ****** *****!! Then little time of silent and!!BAM!! high huge slap on which I am sure it’s flesh. But one second it’s a female voice who is afing. It’s lily. What is going wrong with this house? To tell the truth I was so busy in my life and sexual life to discover other kind of life styles. Actually till that moment I never heard of what became regular to me like cuckold, mistress, Dom, slaves. Heard of BDSM, Torture, but that was not my favorite. For me it was only ******* a hot chick is the target. No more. No less.

In the next few hours I found out that I entered what it was a totally hidden world for me. Now I was sitting on the sofa and the stairs behind me. I start hearing a high heels hitting smoothly and spoily the stairs coming down closer and closer. I didn’t even look back. Till finally. She stand front of me. Here you are finally some one I know in this freaking day. I said to me self. “So you met my Kim”. She said. And I replay: Yes! I mean no!! who, who’s Kim? My stupid toy hubby. She answered. What?!! I said and that was the last thing I said for the next hour as she ride me, French me. Sticking her tongue inside my mouth. She was wearing very sexy red lingerie. A small shoulder cover useless as it show every thing under it but perfect as it show the body under it as ****** sexy way. Very light silky. The bra was silky too but little covering her ****** ****. With very tiny panties thong. I liked it because it was so hide nothing. And of course, long red high heels. Her Blondie hair was in pony tail.

We kissed for almost 15 min rubbing each other. And fondling our private areas which since the last sex months became no private any more. I start taking the shoulder cover. Then uncover her ****. Her nipples were dam rock I buried my face in between them. Eating them, teas nipples with my teeth. She starts moaning slowly and in very gently low voice she said: mark me power, Mark my **** with your love bits. I start give ruff bits. Squeeze her nipples in between my teeth. Then suck all her left breast take it all in my mouth. She starts waving her *** on my lap. Give my **** the best rubbing ever had. Then she lay back till her hair was touching the carpet her hands pushing on the ground. “Eat me power” she said. I moved her thong a little as her wonderful pinky hot wet ***** was too close to my tongue. I invade that desire ***** with my mouth. My tongues pass the protecting lips of her ***** defenseless to go inside and conquer the forbidden heaven. The passion start turning to lust and desire jump to level of erection when she start waving her lower part faster and faster and my head moving in same rhythm with obvious rejection to her ***** let go, but with no control as she handed me the full control on her now optionally. My tongue inside her *****. My knees surround her waste, her head is down, and my arms all the way around her while my hands squeezing her **** so hard and so pain. Her sweet moaning turn to be screaming “ahh... ahh. Please stop, no. ohhh don’t stop. Eat me. Eat the ****** nasty of me. shiiiiiit! Hummmmmmm “suddenly she squeezed my head with her thighs announcing the good news of her *******. And I feel it in my tongue first then my lips to my mouth. I return it back to its source without stopping eaten her. When I take my face up a little. I saw the best of her. Wet swollen reddish now ***** with a lot of mixed over it, inside it and dripping of it. She moved and starts rubbing her self. Lay on the floor for seconds then sit on her knees. “Now you own me. Now you own all of me, my mouth under your service. All of me under your service”. Unzipped my pants. I helped lower my boxer while she hold my already rocking hard ****. Rub it with her small hand and put the direction into her mouth. Her tongue was faster and touches the tip of my ****. It was amazing. She licks it and explores each part of it with her tongue for a while before invited to her mouth. I felt the heat inside her mouth and she took almost half of it then moves it inside, take it out again and again move it inside. With in and out I looked to her and she was lovingly sucking my ****. One hand surrounds the end of it and the other carries my balls like a nest protecting the eggs in it. From time to time. Let her hand visit her well sucked wet *****. Fingering her self. Some and some times squeezing and rubbing her ****. Suddenly she took release my mouth and call “come u fukin *****. Come see how real man treat helpless desire woman. With a second he was down there near to us. “Yes mistress”. "You want to watch!!? Put that nasty *** on the chair and watch. But mother ****** don’t even think to touch ur worthless toy after what you did".

Then she looked to me her eyes where saying what she wanted so bad before her mouth even start moving “I’m your slave ***** master power. Take me where ever you want, when ever you want, and in the way you want “. “**** me master, **** you ***** slave “she added while turn into her four and giving me her back doggy. I was lookin to the guy still. When she took my **** on hand and move it to her *****. It start slowly enter. When the mushroom head disappear “ahhh master… your **** is so huge … ahhh it filling my ***** so dam good. I am the ***** slave for this ****. And for the first time I said something. “So ***** treat your lord the way it should be treated”. She starts pouncing slowly and passion. Letting mine enter her. And suddenly with very ruff re action I put my hands around her waste and push it her to me. letting me all the way in her with one move “dam this horny still wet “I let go and she start pouncing faster and faster, harder and harder. In and out my **** was standing there and she is moving. She looked to him. “You like it hubby “he nod his head in meaning of yes without mange to say it. “Would you like more of joy baby!! “ he nod again “then come and eat my ***** while my master **** inside me “ so he did. Now she is ******* her self using my tool inside her. And his face under us licking her *****. My balls resting on his face and I feel his hot breathing every time she move front. Exposing my **** to his face. And accidently I feel his wet tongue touch my ****. Or this I assumed as all the area there were mixed fluid and all kind a liquids. I see her keep looking under her making sure he doesn’t touch his tiny ****. I was shocked with the size of his penis. I bet he was shocked to with the size of mine in the opposite way. I reach 9 in good ******* while I don’t think he can cross the 2 to 3 in best situation. No wonder this horny chick was dying to let me **** her all that time. She looked to me “can I ride your tool master? “  I just moved my finger in sign of come. She took out, stand now all my **** touched his face before moving to up direction. She came and throws all her weight over my lap. My **** without any assistance from me or her was way inside her. “AHHHHHHH…Dam you so big AHHH..Master. She start pouncing which turn to be up and down now. I tried to help by holding her or pump my **** deeper inside her way stretched *****. “No master it’s me who had this holy mission to please you. Your pleasure is my duty master. She kept jumping for another 10 min before she make the new announcement of ******* again “ahhhh…shiii…****… gosh I cumin. I cumin, hurry hubby lick me. Lick my both holes”. And so he did. “Master, **** me. **** the **** of me ahhhh…... ohhhh “. She dam stressed so hard and squeezed every inch in her sexy body and one second she released her second ******. I couldn’t handle and shout at her when I felt she is on relief and she become slow “you ****** ***** don’t ever stop “hold her from her *** cheeks and pouncing her like a basketball in between my hands. Later I remembered that it was first time I say something since long time. But at that moment I didn’t thought of any thing except making this ***** finish me and please my balls. For next two mins. she was jumping, pouncing screaming from pain, mumbling none sense “*** inside me, *** all the way. Breed me master. I am your ****** slave “the moment got all it worth. Every spot of me was stretching wanted to release the over load in my body. My **** hitting so crazy, my balls expand like I felt they double sized. One hand was crazy spank her *** the other squeezing her **** while I was eating her breast all the way. And “shiiiiiiiiiiit, goddddddd” BAM. I start pumping her ***** with load after load every load followed with stretching back from my **** till other load shot inside her. “You are so dam good. ***** “she answered immediately “under your service “.

we sat for while then she fixes her sitting. But still on my lap. Now throw her back on my chest. I surround her with my hands and she asked “would master honor this ***** – point to husband – to clean both of us up and got his treat with your cream pie. I didn’t know what she is saying so I told her “go a head ***** “so she said to him “now it’s your turn cucky. Do the only thing you can do in your worthless life. So he came, start eating her while holding my ****. And then he stick my **** in his mouth suck it and clean it well then turn to her ***** lick it and move on he made something like seven rounds between my **** and her *****. We ****** again another two times that night. Before she starts to explain to me the kind of relation she had with her husband. And the one she wishes to have with me.

I left their house in the next day morning totally different than the day before I enter. And tell today I have the two serving that **** who allow me to own two *******. Also it was my first time into bull’s lifestyle………. later I knew that she spank him so hard after she notices him touching his penis when they were up.

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Thanx and appreciate your comment. despite the fact that English is not my mother tongue. trying to reach perfection and knowing it will never be reached :)<br />
Anyway thanx again for ur nice compliment. <br />
It's fiction but but also it's desires and fantasies ;) <br />
<br />

This is a well written story.