Men Who Need Other Men Naked!!!

Iam a naturist, who enjoys the company of other naked men.I find being naked with a group of men 'very liberating'ch c, and this makes me feel great even after putting my clothes back on(men are unable to hide their true sexual feelings when they are naked).Iam married and my wife is very open about my true sexuality,which is a real bonus for me.I have no problem, as my wife has lots of lady freinds,I do realise that this is not so for other men.I once had they pleasure of meeting a castrated man(by choice),who curiously came across as very happy to be castrated, as it freed him from his body (his words). I have a good body and it'nice to show it off while their is still time.I  hope this short story rings a bell with you(mail or femail)we are not so different after all....

islaystar islaystar
51-55, M
Feb 4, 2009