When we had been married about 4 yrs my wife and I needed a change in our sex lives. I have a very good male friend who was very much attracted to my wife. I met my wife when.she was 17 and she was not a virgin and knew the ropes.. She is a very proud woman and has sexy breasts. I knew she had been out with another man after we were married a couple of yrs. and that did not bother me. We had no kids then and she got bored easily.
My best friend and my wife and I were sitting drinking and I saw him looking admiringly at her figure and I knew what was on his mind. He spoke about how lucky we were to be intimate with each other. My wife said it could get boring. I asked him if he admired her body and he said yes he did.
I asked her if she would show him her bare breasts that were so firm. She said she was not an exhibitionist and she as going upstairs to change into something cooler.. I asked if we could watch but she said No but if we wanted, we could get into bed with her when she was naked. and the light was out.
We agreed and she went upstairs and called us to come up.
We went up and got undressed inthe dark on each side of the bed
I let him get in first. His hands went to her breasts and I got in.
He was alrady between her legs but not in her. I felt his hard rock as it waggled close. He was panting. He tried to kiss her lips but she said No. I stroked his axs. He and I wrestled on top of her as I kept him out. He held her breasts. I held his cxck. Finaly I let him enter her but I told him to take his time, dont rush so he backed off. I told him it was my turn now so I moved between her legs and took my time My wife had no idea who was in her. We took turns until he suddenly could not hold it any more and finished. I followed him. Altogether it took about 30 mins.
My wife did not like it one bit. She is a control freak and had no control of things that day
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Jul 29, 2010