Made To Suck

My girlfriend Lisa on the night I met her told me she wanted to be in a mfm, I was very happy to hear this. I had done it before and fantasized about it often. I set up a 10"bbc for her and she loved it!
I told her about my interest in cuckolding which never heard of before but it drove her crazy thinking about ******* guys in front of me and then making me clean her *****. She then found out some cuckolds get their wives lovers hard before *******. I don't find men attractive but the thought of me in this subservient role got my **** hard. I had never done that before and would never if was just me and a guy.
I told her we could set something up and see what happens. I was pretty sure we would just take turns on her and worst case his **** would be in my mouth for less than a minute. We ended up with at a really dominate guys house( Ron) on his couch. After a few minutes of chit chat he had his **** in her mouth. She was leaning against me, her face next to mine. He pulled out and put his **** by my lips, Lisa grabbed the back of my head, told me to suck it, then pushed my head on Ron's ****. For the next few minutes Lisa pushed and pulled me making me deep throat his ****, I choked several times. We licked it at the same time for a while.
We went into the bedroom where the camera was set up and they started making out. He laid on his back and Lisa got in cowgirl position but he wasnt hard anymore. I was firmly told to suck him and after I got him hard to guide his **** in my girlfriends *****. I had to lick his balls and her *** while they were *******. After about 10 minutes he stopped to take a break. When they resumed I had to suck him hard again. This cycle was repeated about 8 times over the next 4 hours, it seemed like it would never end. We enjoy watching the tape and talking about doing it again.
cuckoldedstud cuckoldedstud
3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

And did you do more? Thanks for the story

WOW! I wish that I were you. I'd love to get a man hard for my girlfriend or wife and clean both of them too. Lucky you!

Hot... would love to do that for my wife