Just A Quick One

In my experience the true story of sex doesn't involve voluptuous, supermodel women and handsome studs with 10 inch dicks. It involves ordinary looking people with adventuresome personalities who seek out pleasure in their own way. That doesn't mean that we're ugly, obese or malformed, just ordinary nicely groomed and dressed people "next door". So, I'll try to share some TRUE stories that actually happened. It excites me to retell these and I hope it excites you.

My wife and had quite a few mmf experiences. I'll just relate one quick one.

Back in the pre-internet days, I became a member of Compuserve. While trolling around the personal notes (I don't remember exactly how that worked) I came across a guy who lived in a nearby city. He described himself as a clean, "thickly hung", married man who liked to play with single women or couples. I contacted him and we stayed in touch now and then.

One day my wife and I decided to go to the city for the weekend to relax. I contacted him and asked if he would like to meet us. The only time he had free (he was a local sports announcer) was Saturday afternoon so we arranged to meet him for a cocktail and a get-acquainted chat at our hotel, Descriptions were exchanged and we met in the cocktail lounge out in the open hotel lobby. After a brief conversation he asked if would like to go to our room for further exploration. We did.

We took our drinks and adjourned to our room. Once there it became sort of awkward, as these things often do. He suggested that we begin by him giving my wife a back rub. She ******** to her panties and laid face down on the king sized bed. I was sitting in a comfortable chair next to the foot of the bed.

My wife is slender and tall with a "fashion model" figure. Small waist, small breasts, wide hips with prominent hip bones. Her legs are also slender and there is a gap where they come together just below her hairy *****. She is attractive but not a raving beauty just as I am reasonably good looking although a bit heavy - but not obese.

He began rubbing her back and then her *** through her panties. She began to move around a bit as she became aroused. He turned her over onto her back and stood at the foot of the bed and began to take his clothes off. When he lowered his jockey shorts and his **** popped out I could see what he meant by "thickly hung". He wasn't real long but very thick. Now my **** is pretty thick but nothing like that. She had propped her head up on the head of the bed so that she could observe him disrobing. He straddled her and crawled up toward the head of the bed (and her head, incidentally). She reached up and took his **** in her hands and began to stroke it. She pulled him toward her head and began to lick and mouth the head of his ****.

This was all I could take so I stood up and undressed. I moved between her feet and reached up and pulled her panties off. I then kneeled down and and began to lick the crack of now engorged ***** lips. I licked her **** and gently sucked on it. All I could see at this point was his *** moving slightly in and back. I put my hands under her *** and lifted it up a little to make it easier for her to move it in response to all the things that were happening to her. After a while she reached her hand down and covered her ***** so I would stop the **** licking. She was obviously about to ****** and didn't want to, quite yet.

I reluctantly quit my licking (I think I enjoy it almost as much as she) and moved up to lie alongside her on her right. I turned sideways toward her and had a close and intimate view of her sucking and licking. I reached up and stroked her cheeks and felt the hard **** inside her mouth moving in and out. This continued for a while as I reached down and stroked my own **** from time to time. He would reach back and and finger her ***** now and then and she would moan past her mouthful of ****.

After a while he withdrew and got down on her left side and caressed her **** and ***** while kissing her. I also caressed her body and helped his hand when it was finger deep in her. Needless to say she was quite wet by now. Finally I pulled her over onto me and moved her up until she was on her knees astraddle my face. She lowered her ***** to my mouth and I began the licking and sucking once more. Her **** is not overly big but the tiny shiny little head pokes out nicely from the sheath and offers itself to your tongue quite readily. She was facing the wall/headboard, of course, so seizing the opportunity he got to his feet on the mattress and wedged in between her head and the wall. Now she began to suck on his **** with vigor. I could see this up past her flat belly and protruding **** as his balls swung and he thrust in and out of her mouth. I continued my attentions and soon knew from experience that she was about to come. She did so amidst much moaning and hip movement. Later, when I asked her if she had orgasmed strongly, he said jokingly that he thought she might bite his **** off.

With that accomplished I moved her down my body and stuck my **** in her *****. He got down and moved into position kneeling behind her on the bed. He had thoughts of a double penetration but, as I said, she is quite slender and, thus, has a tight *******. As he was discouraged in this I removed my **** and reached down and put his in. He began to **** her doggy style. Meanwhile my highly erect **** was kind of bouncing off his butt as he moved in and out. Just accidentally, not with any intent.

After a session of this position she rolled off me onto her back. He got on and really started to hump her. After not too long he shot his load into her as she gripped his *** and moved her hips up at him to make sure she got all of his **** into her. After a bit of idle chat, he said he really had to go as he was scheduled to call a high school football game in a couple of hours. So he cleaned himself up and left. My wife and I resumed our passion and both managed to come again in an explosive climax to our afternoon adventure.

We had been doing this sort of thing for quite some time and both openly talked about and planned our adventures. It was quite an open and fulfilling life. Now we are both pretty old and all we can do is reminisce. That's fun, though. I'll share more later if you're interested
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Wow that was an awesome hot story . My wife and i are actively looking for our first 3some mfm and if it goes like that i'll be very happy . Cheers Dave

Yup! Thats what I'm thinking about!! I love the looks of a normal woman.