Scorched Almonds

They were her idea, and they appeared after the ice had gone in and cooled her down. At least they must have appeared, because I didn't see them and only found out what they were later.
She rode my face as she warmed them up, and the first taste was sweet. Sucking, it seemed she had taken on unusual texture.
Soon the chocolate found its way to my tongue, but I still didn't know about the almonds.
I relished the taste, pulled up on her hips, and tried to lick out what I could while paying due attention to her lips.
When she wanted the rest of me, the chocolate held me, sticky and viscous for a while.
The almonds played around in there, giving us both little sharp sensations.
Then her juices loosened and it was too much for me.
I had the enviable task of retrieving the chocolate, and discovering the almonds, and counting them.
One at a time, fingers full of chocolate, fishing for almonds, it was a sublime way to finish.

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1 Response Jul 10, 2010 magic coated ****...but it would have to start cool....double dipped then teased into growing....hehehehe....would be cracked up in more ways than one.....either way....yum :)