My Boy Frand

My boyfriends name is Alex! He is the love of my life i could not go a day without seeing him and being i his arms. He is so so so supportive and understanding! If i could choose someone to spend the rest of my life he would be #1 no doubt, hands down! He is so sweet, very hot, somewhat sensitive, which i think is very sexy!  I actually met him on a horse farm! My mom had just convinced me that we should move i kept saying "no! are you kidding we cant leave  grew up here! you cant do this to me i hate moving have to change everything schools, riding lessons, and every thing!!!!" Then as soon as we did move i went to school and saw him!! ALEX he was sitting alone with 3 other girls. i walked up to him checking my breath and making sure i was as pretty as i could get! then as soon as i saw how gorgous he was i got reeeaaalllllllyyyuy nervous!

hrsegelding921 hrsegelding921
13-15, F
Mar 1, 2010