What I Do

I enjoy my job. I train and assess people to drive trucks, anything from a light rigid truck to a B-Double/roadtrain. I spent 18 years as a driver myself and now I am able to pass on my experiences to others and help them to achieve their own goals. Constantly meeting and working with others is something that I like and I get plenty of that. Seeing someones big smile after they have passed their driving assessment is a real joy. I also enjoy the constant challenge that this vocation presents, we all have different ways of learning and one needs to taylor the training to the individual, so it keeps one on the ball. We have people come from all sorts of nationalties, and walks of life and I meet so many interesting people.                         I've been doing this now for 4 and a bit years and I'm still happy to front up each day. I also train and assess others for motorcycle learners permits and licences. The bike training is generally heaps of fun, even with the occassional fall off. I think I'm pretty lucky to have a job like this one.

Straycat Straycat
51-55, M
1 Response Mar 9, 2008

that is so great when someone likes their job.i use to like mine in nursing but so much backstabbing between nurses, but i always loved takeing care of the patients. many of them appreciate it alot. i especially like the nursing homes , and working with the elderly, as many of them have no one and the workers are their family.