If These Walls Could Speak . . .

It has taken a while but I'm fitting in, proficient at the systems in place and able to think on my feet. I rush around working on a long list of mission critical tasks, some monotonous and others varied in their conclusion each time. I had an hour on my hands recently with nothing dragging me along and took a walk around the maze of corridors. Where I work IS music, my job IS music, there is music everywhere and performers of music stopping in constantly, I absolutely LOVE it! Appearance is EVERYTHING to the company I work for, they are the best in the market by a large margin and owned by arguably the best group in the business. We have 3 fully staffed lobbies that dazzle guests with large screen displays shamelessly promoting ourselves. It was during this walk I became  intrigued with the artwork on the walls, this too is a detail by design. The artwork is rotated quarterly and a closet with special racks holds unused artwork orderly and securely. A few times a year some of the artwork has numbers attached to it and is auctioned right off the walls to the benefit of non-profit causes, contributions run generous. I just wanted to show off a few of the pieces that caught my eye, most are hand signed and are professionally framed, not just promotional posters.

Here are a few:

OhSoShy OhSoShy
41-45, M
Apr 10, 2012