I'm a Baker

I enjoy my job most days.Sometimes it gets hectic but mostly it's pretty relaxed.I work at a small cafe in a very small town.I bake homemade bread,cinnnamon rolls,pies,cookies,brownies,rolls and hoagie rolls.The cafe?coffee shop uses the bread and hoagie rolls for the sandwiches we serve,the cookies go into a cookie case and are purchased fresh by the dozen or just a single cookie for dessert after a sandwich or bowl of hot soup,served in a freshly made bread bowl.Holidays are Horrible.We make and sell dinner rolls and pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas,frosted cut out sugar cookies are the "specialty" of the house and we sell DOZENS of them atChristmas,Valentines day and Halloween.They are very tiring and I don't like to have to make very many but hey it's only a few times a year sooo..I deal with it.The rest of the time my days are oly 6 hrs. long and if I need time off my Boss is a great lady and gives me the time,(she does the baking when I'm gone,so she appreciates the job I do).People love my baked goods and I enjoy seeing them light up when they see fresh brownies or their "Favorite" in the cookie case.It makes me feel good and hey I get to eat all I want.(Sometimes not a good thing)Ha Ha

missemboth missemboth
51-55, F
Jan 14, 2009