August 2010

Today the wife had a date with a very old friend that has had a vasectomy. Because he has had one and they have been seeing each other for years he can go unprotected and *** inside her.

My part of this experience started when she called me on the way home from her date she called to tell me that she had a “surprise for me.” Knowing that I have had her used ***** many times for sloppy seconds and on at least 2 or 3 occasions had a cream-pie. Most of the cream-pie experience with the exception of one came after travel home and such that was about an hour, it is still a cream-pie and the undies still show evidence of being wet and filed with another man’s *** but there is a desire to have a moist, dripping cream-pie that I can enjoy.

Today is a wonderful tale, she came into the bedroom and we shut the door. She pulled down her pants and there it was, there was actually a stringy thread of *** and clear gunk smattered into her undies. I wanted to take a picture but she refused, she told me to “just get over here and take care of this.” Her panties were almost what I would call soaked in the crotch area, thick *** was very evident and the pungent odor was awesome!

I obliged quickly and happily, I finished pulling off her panties and asked her if she wanted me to eat that, she said that sure if you want to. Of course I did and I pulled her legs and body forward to the edge of the bed and knelt on the floor before my wife and she spread her legs. I looked at the messy wet and flaccid looking ***** as I started to lick she told me to be careful as her lover had been too rough, ******* her to the point that her stuff was sore, almost too sore to lick.

I was careful and did my best clitoral massage gentle and fleeting; she came quickly to my advances. I did it again, this time placing my mouth fully over the *****, I can tell you for certain this time that I know what *** tastes like, it wasn’t disgusting or anything, it was fine, her flavors mixed with her lovers was a turn on and I completely enjoyed myself.

After that I was content to leave her alone but she insisted in screwing, her ***** was so swollen that I could barely get in at all. As I got in and fully into her stuff I felt her tense up, she came on my ****. Awesome!

I get in to a slow groove and she came two more times, as she came her ***** started to loosen up and within a minute or so was so loose and wet that I could not feel her at all except a spot where he must have really banged away seep inside. I came quickly and it was good.

I can only hope that she goes on the pill and I can get her to allow me to eat more cream-pie ***** and enjoy the thrill of sloppy seconds more frequently.

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6 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Thanks for sharing.

I love how she told you to take care of this!

Lucky guy!

That is a very sexy story!

wow. just amazing!

Very hot!!!!! You have a wonderful relationship with your keep. I envy you both.