She Finally Did It !

As she reminded me, I have been fantasizing about my wife ******* another guy for almost 10 years now. She goes out with friends a lot so it was always easy to imagine that she gets propositioned or chatted up and just decides to take up the offer. Well, I reckon she got fed up and decided to let me have my fantasy.

On her last night out she came in as dawn was breaking in the morning, I woke up, wondering what she’d been up to. She didn’t say much at the time, just got in bed but after a little while she grabbed my **** and said “I’ve got a surprise for you”. What a moment that was, the feeling is hard to describe, the nervous excitement making my mouth dry coupled with knot in my stomach at the sense of her doing something so naughty. I am constantly horny just thinking about that moment when she said she had done it.

In my fantasy she gets ****** hard in some secluded doorway or a guy’s car, but she absolutely blew my mind with what really happened. She got off with the guy went to his place and spread her legs wide for him to **** her.
It seems it took a while for it to get going, (anxiety about whether it was ok or not?). But once she had committed, I think she was keen to get it on. She told me that after a while talking she took off his clothes and sucked his ****, taking his whole length into her mouth. He took off her knickers and finger ****** her, before spreading her legs and ******* her hard, she distinctly remembers spreading them as wide as possible.
She then indulged herself by getting ****** doggy which she always likes, finally she wanked him off until he shot his ***** on her **** and stomach, and even in her hair.
She was always willing to join in with the fantasy, but I always felt she would hold back from the final step and it’s a bit of a shock that she has now done it, but it does seem to go along with a more liberal attitude she has now, approaching her 50th birthday. We should have been doing this years ago, but raising kids take priority.
She is incredible for her age and I love the feeling of her being desired and appreciated by other men.
Its my first post on here, and I found EP after this just looking for like minds, really enjoying others' stories.
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1 Response May 16, 2012

Wow, such a lucky hubby! I am still dreaming of, and eagerly awaiting, the moment when my wife comes home with her ***** stretched, used, and full of ***!!