Just Got A Text From My Wife..part 1

Just got a text from my wife.. She wants to know if I would like a bit of a snack this after noon? After I read this text My **** got instantly HARD!!! I knew ether she had or was about to **** someone!! So I was going to be getting a fresh, sloppy,well ****** Cream-pie very soon!! I wanted to jack off right then and there so ******* bad. How ever I was with three buddies of mine ( who have no idea I love to eat my Hot *** wife's ***** after she has just had the **** ****** out of her) on the golf cores.. Which made for a very tough go of things!! With me tiring very hard to hide my huge *****.Not even thinking about my game. All I can think about is her telling me to lay on my back on our bed as she will most certainly slowly get undressed as she starts to describe to in full detail just how well she had got ******!!! Then after she has gotten all her close off except for her panties she will again slowly crawl on my chest and squat over my face and tell me to smell there sex!!! I love that smell.. Then I hope she will pull her *** soaked panties to the side and star to push as hard as she can to get a big glob of *** to drip out out her freshly ****** ***** and watch the first it drip into my mouth!! YUMMM!! God I love this woman!! Well I have got to go boys, here's to a good clean up!

P.S. Hopefully I well tell the rest of the story soon!! DAMN my **** hurts it is so ******* hard right now!
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

The challenge when we get messages like your wife sent, is to not jack off and *** immediately thinking about it!

I know what you mean, been there and enjoyed that. Miss a lot. Enjoy man, enjoy.